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There’s no more beautiful trip than the one you first imagined, that you chose to make a reality, to finally plan, and most importantly, experience intensely!
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Hospitality is an art as well as a magnificent tradition. Improvisation is not welcome here. At Grand Luxury Experiences, we focus on creating authentic and relevant tailor-made events. We are not afraid to go off the beaten track if it allows us to boost a brand’s image and offer a unique setting in line with our client’s needs. Our passion for travel, beautiful hotels and unique places is what drives us. Thanks to the talent of professionals with whom we have long-standing relationships, we create an atmosphere that evokes pleasure and emotion.
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Discover the Most Serene from a more secret angle through exceptional craftsmen, understand the heritage of the City of Doges through the Comité Français de Sauvegarde de Venise, stroll through the alleyways in search of the best cicchetti, tame the art of the master glassmakers of Murano or enjoy the fascinating history of Burano lace... So many discoveries, all with the know-how of ancient trades at heart, contributing to the exceptional heritage of Venice

Secret Venice

Few cities offer such a wealth of scenery: Abu Dhabi, a city of superlatives and the desert, offers us a setting that is perfect for a disruptive event punctuated with memorable moments and scenery that will leave a lasting impression. The measure of a successful plenary is not the number of participants but the sharing and the human connections that come out of it. So why not break new ground by redefining your expectations? Far from your usual surroundings, we will create an environment conducive to escape and reflection.

Seminar at the gates of the desert

We are also driven by the desire to write beautiful stories. So, when a client talks to us about heritage, know-how, eco-responsibility, etc., we bubble over with excitement! So many interpretations followed by an obvious conclusion drawn from the history of the Sami people, and here we are in Lapland for 72 hours. Travel only with snowshoes or on dog sledges, learn how to ice fish, find your way around using the stars and, if you’re lucky, experience the magic of the Northern Lights...

Unique journey to Lapland

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